Salt Lake Family Photography

Salt Lake Family Photography

Hello Lovelies! Let’s chat about Salt Lake Family photography and a few tips and tricks to make your upcoming photo session a success.

I want to chat for just a minute about Salt Lake Family Photography. Grab your coffee or hot chocolate and chat about a few things I’ve learned in my journey as a family photographer.

Family photography is HARD! First of all, so few people realize how tricky photographing families can be. So if you are a mom prepping for your next session or if you are a photographer prepping to photograph your next session you will want to pass these tips on to your clients.

Truth is, being a Salt Lake family photography specialist is my favorite. Photographers ask me what I specialize in. When I tell them, “Families with small children” they about croak. You can see  the wheels turning of two year olds running  away, babies crying and parents threatening their children only to make them run and cry more.

I thrive on this challenge. Small children are SO authentic! You can’t photograph a two year old and not get genuine. It just doesn’t happen. They don’t know how to be anything other than real. If they are sad, they are going to show you sad. If they are mad, that’s what you get. Iff they are happy?  Well  that is icing on the cake. The very best is when you have parents who love the real life approach to family photography.

Let’s get real. If you don’t know my story, go and read it. I started my photography business the day before my almost two year old passed away. That was no coincidence. To be honest, it was the two year olds that sang a happy song to my heart after my son passed away. If I could bring him back to life for one more day I would want to capture ALL of him. I’m not as much concerned about documenting the perfect smile for my clients as much as I am concerned of documenting their story.

Photography is more the business of storytelling and less the business of imagery. When you can accomplish both that is when you win.

Few tips & tricks on how to make your next Salt Lake Family Photography session a huge success:

  • Leave the stress at home. In all honesty. Stress serves no one. If you are the photographer, your stress will transfer to your clients. If you are the client your stress will transfer to your children. Stress is the LAST thing you should feel on family picture day. Family pictures are simply a time to come, play and walk away with memories. You will have some gorgeous keepsakes with your images but the first objective is to just come and be yourself and play.
  • I am all about the cry face, but if you want some variety and your kid in the session is ONLY crying give them Smarties! Always have smarties for kids! Smarties are the best bribe. They do not stain and they are a quick sugar rush. They dissolve and smarties make kids pucker.
  • Parents leave the favorite toy at home!  Parents oftentimes think kids will be comforted with their favorite toy. When mom doesn’t want the stuffy in the family shot when she has to take it away it ends up in an all out cry fest. It’s much easier to say you left the toy at home than to take the toy away. Same goes for sippy cups and blankets.
  • Get on the child’s level! Kids are intimidated by adults. We TOWER over them. I am pretty intimidated by bears. Kids feel the same way about adults.
  • Talk to them as if they are an adult! Kids say the funniest things. The best way to get the most authentic expressions is when you are talking to them. Ask questions! My favorite questions to ask are simply about an upcoming or recently passed holiday. “What were you for Halloween?” “Is Santa coming to your house for Christma?” “Tell me about the Easter Bunny?” I also of course ask about boyfriends and girlfriends. For the really tough littles asking them about their dads stinky toes always works magic.
  • We try to box two year olds in WAY too much. We as adults are a lot more emotionally flexible than a two year old. If the two year old doesn’t want to sit still, then that’s a great time to get candid moments of playing. Go with the flow. If the child is running, everyone runs. If the child is chill everyone can be chill. In family photography-kids run the show. It’s just better when we realize that. Everyone will be happier.
  • My favorite interactions is when I tell the child to play make believe. I assign each child an animal noise and on the count of three they get to be that animal. It is a great way to get fun and interactive shots.
  • Families that have kids between five and eighteen I have a pile of questions in my head that I will ask them to talk to their parents about or vice-versa. One of my favorites is, “The greatness I see in you”. Parents love the opportunity to tell their kids all the amazing things they love about them. Kids love to hear it. Other questions I ask are things like, “What were your thoughts the first time you laid eyes on her when she was born.” “What are you  most grateful for that your dad has done for you?” “What is the happiest memory you have with your parents?”

Here are a few of my favorite Salt Lake Family photography locations to choose from

Photographers Utah
For every family who hires Pink Rose for their Salt Lake Family photography session, together we gift a Good Grief family photo shoot to a family who has lost a child. If you are interested in being the giver of this gorgeous gift, please use the ‘contact‘ page to email me. It costs you nothing. All it requires is that you choose Pink Rose Photography to serve your family and create gorgeous family portraits to remember forever. To read my story, click here.

Lots of Love,

Michelle Ellsworth

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