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Hi! Welcome to my photography blog! I specialize in portrait photography. I am based in Utah and travel frequently to San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Colorado. I am also a destination photographer and will travel just about anywhere. I specialize in candid imaging as well as traditional portraits. I always try to give my clients a compilation of both styles. A lot of people don’t know they love candid images until they have experienced the beauty of the real life story from their photo shoot. Here are a few tips on portrait photography I have learned over the years.

A lot of amateur photographers believe success in portrait photography depends on the knowledge and technicalities of their gear. While understanding your gear is crucial to being a successful photographer, it is only the beginning of the road to success. A photographer can learn the technicalities of their gear on their own, but the second key to being a successful portrait photographer comes only from experience interacting and working with clients. To be successful in portrait photography you don’t only need to understand how to capture a beautiful image, you have to understand how to create an atmosphere where the beautiful image can be created. The most important thing at a family photo shoot is the environment and atmosphere and energy the photographer creates. As a photographer, we are creating more than images, we are creating the atmosphere for those cherished moments to surface.

Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years from trial and error of working with kids, adults and teens.


The best candid images come from some direction but not a lot. I always tell my clients to look at each other and not at the camera. If I need to jump in and give some direction of what to talk about I have a list of questions in my head that I can tell them to talk about as they walk. It’s much more fun and interesting to see the interactions of family than having everyone walk towards me as if they were zombies :-).

Portrait Photography Portrait Photography

This little stud might just be one of my all time favorites. The trick with kids is to get them interacting. I find something they enjoy or that they relate to and build on that. I almost always go to animals, super heroes and princesses depending on my client. For this little guy, he loved animals. Children will never give you an authentic smile when you ask them to say cheese. Ever. When you connect with something THEY love, they will almost always be your friend. This sequence of images was when I asked him to give me his best Giraffe pose. Inevitably I got the cutest giraffe I ever did see followed was his real authentic smile. He knew he had just been silly and had made everyone else happy-which made him happy-which created the perfect traditional smile at the camera. You manage to grab a great candid image-followed by a great traditional image in just two or three frames.

Portrait Photography

Teenagers-well they are easy. All you have to ask them is if there are any cute ladies in their life. That always breaks their walls down pretty quick.

Portrait Photography

One of my all-time favorite poses is the mom with their individual child. Yes, dads are important too, but there is something so special about the bond of a mother and her child.

Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Portrait Photography

Going back to this cute guy, we got some great traditional shots. After I knew we had gotten some great shots, I directed them to tell each other how much they loved each other in monkey vocabulary as they looked at each other. This is always a very fun way to grab some great expressions.

Portrait Photography

Aaaaaaand, he took it to the next level when I asked him to tell them in Lion how much he loved them. You can tell that he REALLY loved his lion family.

Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Portrait Photographer007 Portrait Photographer006 Portrait Photographer005 Portrait Photographer004

Asking kids to dance is always a win 😉

Portrait Photographer003 Portrait Photographer002

Portrait Photography
wheeler farm family portraits

In the end, a successful family shoot is one where my clients leave laughing with a smile in their heart. The true value of a family photo shoot is not just the final product but the experience and emotions and love they felt during the process. It is the atmosphere we create for the emotions to be present that are the lasting memories in our clients hearts.

Have a great day!



Burnsie : 19:38 April 23, 2016 Reply
I absolutely loved getting these pictures taken, AND how they turned out.
Utah family Photography (Shilpa) • Pink Rose Photography : 18:47 May 3, 2018 Reply
[…] photo shoot at the beautiful and versatile Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City Utah. I specialize in Utah family photography. It has been my passion for the last decade. After my oldest son passed away, my entire mission […]

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