Park City Photography (Deer Valley)

Hi! Welcome to my professional photography blog! I specialize in Park City Photography portraits. Park City, Utah is a hot spot for family vacations. There is no better time to do family portraits than while on vacation together! Park City photography is especially perfect while on vacations because there are so many options to choose from that are just gorgeous within a ten to fifteen minute drive from Park City. A few of my favorites are Heber, Midway and Deer Valley.

We photographed Denise’s family in Deer Valley at the Stein Erikson Lodge. If you haven’t been to Stein Erikson Lodge it is definitely a resort worth checking into. It is the only five star hotel available in Park City!

This was the sweetest moment I have ever seen in my decade of shooting.One of my favorite talents as a photographer that I have developed over the past decade is getting real people to show real emotions. I don’t think there is anything more precious than genuine connection and real emotions. I told this daddy to whisper into his daughters ear the thing he loves about her most. I don’t know what he said, but whatever it was, she felt it. Big crocodile tears started to stream down her face simultaneously with her laughter and smiles. If you look closely you can see this tear role down her cheek. Grandma and Grandpa and her aunts and uncles were all trying to get her to stop crying by comforting her. I said, “Shhhhh” this is exactly what we want. The truth is, most photographers can get you to smile. The gold in these pictures is the genuine expressions of love and connection. When I achieve conveying true love, real connection then I know I have succeeded at my job as a photographer.

This is what real love is. Daddies are so important to their little girls. Loved this moment and will cherish it in my own heart as the artist for all of my years to come.

Park City Photography_0035


Park City Photography_0036

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